SOLIDWORKS Snack Solution for Super Bowl LII

by Amee Meghani

Super Bowl is a whisper away and I’m not even going to pretend that it’s the game I’m most excited for. Why? Because I’m all about the nosh!

I’m thinking sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, fizzy, greasy, hot, cold, all on one giant rolling landscape of delicious. This Sunday, the hills are alive with the sound of Super Bowl.

Wouldn’t it great to be the snack envy of all of your guests? I want to build a snack DREAM.  So today, Dane is exercising his mad SOLIDWORKS skills to build me a SNACK STADIUM!

What are we looking for?

We want a rigid compartmentalized snack station for all of our guests to enjoy. We can build a ‘stadium’ using Sheet Metal tools in SOLIDWORKS. Sheet Metal tools are included in every seat of SOLIDWORKS and provide the flat pattern of your designs with the click of a button.
But, we’re not building this out of sheet metal. I don’t own a laser or a brake press. And I won’t get approval to expense those, *ahem, Joel*. I’m thinking we can reasonably build one out of posterboard.

SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal will give me the bounding box dimension and show the bend lines. I mean, SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal for paper-crafting. Aren’t we awesome? Take that, Pinterest!

Super Bowl LIIDane quickly threw one together in Sheet Metal, but after some brief discussion, we decided that we will need to make this out of foam board. Foam board has the rigidity I need, but it doesn’t bend well like posterboard. So, instead using SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal, Dane rebuilt the stadium using a multi-body part approach in SOLIDWORKS. Just as with Sheet Metal, he was able to auto-generate a cutlist for me, use the autoballoon tools on the drawings, and I can see the quantities I need.

I don’t need to bend anything. Furthermore, we can use the new 2018 SOLIDWORKS Tab and Slot feature to easily position the gussets in place without the need to take measurements. The Tabs and Slots will make it effortless to assemble altogether.

And here you have it, the final product.