Team Fast Electric Robots to Compete in BattleBots 2018

by Deborah Bell

The GoEngineer-sponsored team is ready for another exciting year of robotic carnage to air on both the Science and Discovery Channels

Our favorite robotics family—the Vasquez’s—spring back into BattleBots action this April to display their robotic innovations in a fun and entertaining format.

Matthew Vasquez is now a freshman at Cal Poly Pomona, majoring in electromechanical systems engineering technology. He’s enjoying college, but he hasn’t had much time for fun yet—his academic schedule keeps him very busy. (Matthew worked his way onto the Dean’s list his first quarter—’nuff said.)


When his schedule would permit, Matthew recently assisted his friend (and fellow BattleBots competitor), Martin Mason, professor of physics and engineering at Mt. San Antonio College, in building a new heavyweight robot that will compete in the King of Bots competition in Shanghai, China, this spring.

Both Vasquez brothers, Matthew and Jason, were invited by Professor Mason to be part of his team and to drive in the competition. “Between BattleBots, King of Bots, and the upcoming International RoboGames, we’ll have to see how much school they can miss in order to attend, says Debbie (Mom) Vasquez. “Passports are ready, now we’re just waiting to see if we get their visas in time for travel.”


Jason, the younger of the two Vasquez brothers, is now a junior and straight-A student at Newbury Park High School. He just completed a college-level introduction to engineering class that Moorpark College offered at his high school campus.

Jason is also on the Newbury Park Robotics Team. He enjoys team activities after school and learning about all of the different aspects of robotics that combat robotics doesn’t delve into. “I love that he goes into that environment with zero ego, yet realizes that he still has a lot more to learn,” says Mom Vasquez. “For all his experience and accomplishments he is very modest. I really respect that about both Matthew and Jason.”

After the BattleBots competition, Team Fast Electric Robots will participate in RoboGames, an international competition held in Pleasanton, California.

Look for a follow-up article next month!

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