STRATASYS Announcements at RAPID + TCT Conference

by Mark Bashor

RAPID 2018 Announcements from Stratasys

For anyone who might be unaware, the annual RAPID + TCT Conference is the premiere 3D Printing industry trade event.  It’s the CES of the additive manufacturing world and each year it brings a ton of new excitement for the industry. As can be expected many of the big and small players alike save this opportunity to announce their latest and greatest new products, software, materials, and more. This year Stratasys did not disappoint and for those of you who are too busy (or not lucky enough) to come visit us at Booth #747 and hear firsthand, we will break down their most exciting new product announcements below. We will also have a webinar on April 30th to discuss the announcements, register today:

POLYJET Announcements

Stratasys’ J750 printer reshaped the face of Stratasys’ polyjet platform when it was announced just two years ago. With the ability to print with 6 different model materials simultaneously it created the ability to produce literally 1000’s of colors and material combinations simultaneously.  This affords users the ability to do full-color 3D printing like never before seen with increased operational efficiency by virtually eliminating the need for material changeovers. This year Stratasys has two significant announcements as it relates to this flagship product.

The New J735 Printer

Now all of the full-color printing capabilities offered by the J750 are available on a smaller platform at a more affordable price point. The J735 features a 350mm by 350mm X-Y footprint compared to the existing J750’s 490mm by 390mm. This is a fantastic fit for anybody who needs full-color 3D printing with voxel level control but doesn’t necessarily need to make large parts.

Stratasys’ New J735 Full-Color 3D Printer.

All New Vivid Color Capability

The new Vivid colors are colored resins with a clear base instead of an opaque base for (Vero) CMY colors which offers a couple of advantages from an optical perspective. First off, these new base colors will allow the printers to achieve a larger color gamut which equates to more color options and better color matching. Additionally, the clear colored base unlocks the ability to print in translucent-gradients and allows printing from VRML files that incorporate a translucent alpha channel image elements. This new capability is well-suited to use in the (cosmetics) package, (vehicle) lighting, industrial design and medical industries.

New Vivid Colors on J Series.

FDM Announcements

Stratasys’ fused deposition modeling (FDM) is the process that started it all. It has served as the gold standard of all who have the desire to print highly functional components in the world’s highest performance, engineering grade thermoplastics for nearly three decades. In true Stratasys form they have managed to raise the bar yet by stepping up their hardware and materials game.

F900 with Nylon 12CF

The Fortus 900mc has been Stratasys’ flagship fused deposition modeling (FDM) system for nearly a decade and is one of the most widely used AM systems for high-end manufacturing. The all new F900 is built on that platform and is available in a series of three solutions: The F900, the F900 AICS (Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution) and the F900 PRO.

Stratasys new F900 Production FDM System

Building on the versatility of the F900 to support a wide range of applications, the following two versions of the F900 extend the platform into a series of specialized products to meet the unique needs of production, supported by high repeatability.

  • The Stratasys F900 Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution (AICS), announced at the Paris Air Show, is the first-of-its-kind solution delivering the performance and traceability required for flight-worthy parts.
  • The Stratasys F900 PRO is a production-grade system, ready to produce parts with the highest FDM repeatability and performance in ULTEM 9085 resin. It includes all the benefits and value of the AICS product, and it extends the high repeatability developed for AICS to all industries.

New Antero 800NA (PEKK) Material

Antero™ 800NA, a PEKK-based (polyetherketoneketone) FDM thermoplastic, is a high-performance material that is chemical resistant, possesses ultra-low outgassing properties and exhibits high heat resistance. This makes it well suited for aircraft and space applications. This material exhibits better chemical and wear properties than the Ultem 9085 and Ultem 1010. Initially launching on the Fortus 450mc, Stratasys expects it to be up and running on the F900 platform by the end of the year.

New Antero 800 (PEKK) Material

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