Winner Announcement: Generative Design Challenge

by Tyler Reid

Winner Announcement: Generative Design Challenge

Earlier this year, we challenged our customers to step out of their conventional design workflows and use solidThinking Inspire to solve an engineering problem they were up against.

Inspire is a conceptual design tool that allows engineers and designers to quickly converge on the optimum shape for their product design.

We had many great submissions, ranging from small door handle designs to large cell-tower optimizations! The variety of submissions emphasized the flexibility of Inspire to improve part and assembly designs for many different methods of manufacture.

When choosing a winner, we considered many different factors:

The generous grand prize, sponsored by solidThinking, was a one year license of Inspire Structures + the 3 Inspire plugin modules; Motion, Stamping and Casting. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

So now that the background info is out of the way, I’m happy to announce the winner of this challenge is Roddy Simpson for his optimized Honda Brake Pedal design.

Roddy attended our Houston event to learn more about Inspire and designing for the Studio System. He wasted no time in putting his new knowledge to use – quickly submitting two revisions of a brake pedal designed for his 1998 Honda Magna.

Roddy used SOLIDWORKS 2018 to design the model space and mounting points for his redesign. Those were imported into Inspire Unlimited, where he set up the load cases and did an initial FEA analysis to confirm there was room for optimization.

His shape optimization results were remarkable. His first design – strictly adhering to the original part envelope – results in a 57.1% mass reduction without increasing the max stress or displacement in the part!

Design ChallengeHis second design – this time enlarging the allowable footprint of the part – reduced both the stress and displacement in the part at the expense of slightly heavier result (36% weight reduction from original part)

Design ChallengeRoddy used Inspire’s PolyNURBS function to create smooth, organic connections between the pedal’s footpad and mounting points. PolyNURBS are push/pull, direct-editing features that conform to the load paths calculated during the shape optimization. Roddy noted the results appear to mimic the shape of a bovine jawbone – a poignant observation considering Inspire’s algorithms draw on nature’s ability to adapt and develop to dynamic conditions.

Personally, I am excited to see what Roddy does with Inspire over the next year. This tool, in the hands of creative designers, is truly powerful. If you’d like to give it a free test drive yourself, jump over to Inspire’s website and download the trial.

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