3D Design Kids’ Camp 2018

by Jessica Skorut

As summer comes to an end, so does another set of GoEngineer’s 3D Design Kids’ Camps. Each year we invite hundreds of students to come onsite at our offices to see firsthand how the design process can manifest into a working prototype.

For one day the students get to think, design, prototype and test like a design engineer!

The students get access to our training facility with certified instructors that love the chance to work with the next generation of innovative youth. They get hands-on time with SOLIDWORKS and a behind the scenes look at our state-of-the-art 3D printing labs.


This year the students were tasked with learning SOLIDWORKS to design a mini-marshmallow launcher.

The instructors walk the students through basic 3D sketching and part modeling as well as design modification and part assembly within SOLIDWORKS.


Most of the final product is pre-printed before the students arrive to save time, however, each person gets a chance to design a unique part of the final design that is sent to the 3D printers during the camp.

That way the students are able to see the 3D Printers in action and learn firsthand what post processing methods are necessary depending on the type of material and type of 3D printer.

For this camp, the Stratasys J750 3D printer was used to print the students’ custom insert tab. This type of printer uses Polyjet technology. The main body of the launcher was printed using FDM print technology.  The students now know the difference. 🙂


How do you know you have a good part? You test it! The students put their launchers to the test with a marshmallow launching contest:


One of the highlights for our GoEngineer team is hosting these 3D Design camps each summer.  We all love the enthusiasm the students bring to camp and seeing them so engaged in learning all things 3D.

I had a great time here and learned a lot without even realizing I was learning. I loved getting to design my own things using SOLIDWORKS. My favorite part was getting to do the marshmallow shooting contest. I wish the class was longer because I would have lots of fun in the extra time! – Allison, age 12

Thanks to all the students that attended our 3D Design Kids’ Camps. Your presence helped to make these camps a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Planning is underway and we are already looking forward to hosting the next group of future engineers during summer break in 2019!

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