3D Printed Marketing Materials – Designing Only for Form

by Cody Salyer

Overarching philosophical theme

Often times,  when we think of 3D printing or rapid prototyping we think of checking interactive designs for fit and function. In this regard, printing offers great capabilities. But we can expand the role of printing beyond prototyping production or development parts. Printers offer us a way to rapidly create designs and ideas in 3 dimensions, with this we can tackle large complex design problems but small issues such as simple form and appearance.

Actual story time …

We at GoEngineer try to get the best tools in the hands of our customers so they can, in turn, use these tools to design great products. To promote these, we’ll print opportunities and challenges on simple postcard style fliers, if you’ve been into one of our offices you’ve likely seen some of these floating around.

The problem with these loose postcards though, is only a slight disturbance turns the nice stack into a complete mess.

I was getting coffee one morning and as I was waiting for my coffee to pour I noticed these cards in an unusually extreme state of disarray. I and thought to myself there must be a better way to present these. Up to this point, we had tossed these cards around without any way to keep them neat or organized. Which was a silly problem because we could easily print a nice-looking holder for these cards and prevent this mess.

Just make it pretty.

I took this idea back to my desk and carved a few minutes out of my afternoon to model up a simple cardholder. I was then able to easily add sketch blocks with our branding and logo to my design. After about a half hour I had a design I was quite pleased with. This wasn’t a tough engineering challenge like I and so many of us are used to. This was about creating something that performed a very simple task but had to do so while looking great.

After modeling up my holder it only took a few clicks to get this onto the Stratus Fortus 250 in our engineering office. Since this was supposed to look nice I chose to print it in a couple different colors this will really help the logo ‘pop’. From previous experience with mixing colors on this machine, I knew the yellow on grey would be a great combination for this product. It took a few hours to print 2 of these but once they were printed I snapped them together and was able to try them out.

That’s a wrap folks!

The problem we solved here seems tiny but it’s not, it’s significant! This is something that every customer comes who comes into our office will see. It’s simple, clean and help keeps our office looking nice. I am very happy with the final product and maybe you’ll see one of these in your local GoEngineer office soon.

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