SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Day 3: Community Rules

by Mitch Bossart, Industry Writer for GoEngineer

Today was all about the incredible community of SOLIDWORKS users.

The day’s events were led off by three stories: 1) Using 3D CAD in the creation of sculptures; 2) Dean Kamen’s work to make the engineering superstars of tomorrow; and 3) the 3D Printing Nerd’s ability to solve everyday problems with some 3D printing know-how.

Because this event is for SOLIDWORKS users, 169 new users were certified at #SWW19. The grand total of Certified SOLIDWORKS users has now reached more than 330,000. Congratulations to all!

A new approach to user stories was featured in the 3DEXPERIENCE Pitch competition with the winner getting a chance to enter the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Accelerator.

Finally, in the spirit of our GoInspire customer profiles and videos, professional athlete and astronaut, Leland Melvin, shared his story. Melvin is the only NFL player to be in space—and catch a football in space!

Man (or Woman) with a Yellow Hat

Drawing from the Curious George children’s book story, Melvin spoke about the importance of having a Man (or woman) with a Yellow Hat that can get you out of trouble, is there to help you make decisions and inspire you forward. It could be mentors or family members or educators—we all need that Man in the Yellow Hat.

“I don’t have hearing in my left ear. I am not medically qualified to fly in space,” says Melvin.  However, he testifies that the right support from the right people told him to believe in himself, to believe it was still possible.

In a one-on-one interview with SOLIDWORKS after his presentation, the engineer interviewing Melvin admitted that if it weren’t for one of his teacher’s in high school, he would have never gotten into engineering.

“I took an engineering class on a whim. My teacher believed in me and told me that I should pursue engineering. He was the Man with the Yellow Hat for me. I even called him years later and thanked him for his encouragement.”

Melvin also spoke about how seeing our earth from space was a transformative experience for him. “I think if more people had a chance to see this beautiful planet from that vantage point, wars would stop, political bickering would stop…we are all in this together.”

A huge supporter of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) Melvin continues to inspire the next generation of engineers through the Base 11 Space Challenge, which is a $1 million+ prize for a student-led university team to design, build, and launch a liquid-propelled, single-stage rocket to an altitude of 100 kilometers (the Karman Line) by December 30, 2021.

It’s all about community and inspiring the next generation to even greater things.

SOLIDWORKS Student Job Fair

This year, SOLIDWORKS put a focus on students and inspiring future engineers with a job fair. This session brought together students and industry recruiters, to possibly fill some real job openings with local industrial customers.  All attendees received certification vouchers (CSWA and CSWP exams) at the end of the session. Thanks, Amee and Lindsey for representing GoEngineer!

 Well, it’s time to blow this pop stand. Now take that big as Brewster County backpack and head on out of town. Thank you for another great SOLIDWORKS World!

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