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After solving a study in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, exact numerical values of the result plot can be obtained from specific faces or nodes in the model using the Probe feature for post-processing. This article demonstrates how to use the Probe tool in SOLIDWORKS Simulation to see results on specific nodes or on particular faces/entities.  


Welcome to part three of our five-part series that provides guidance on optimizing your workstation purchase for different CAD workflows. This article will focus on Structural and Plastics Simulation. In each article, we discuss which components of the workstation are essential to that particular workflow and develop some sample configurations to help optimize your spending budget.   



Abaqus Jul 26, 2023

Each FEA tool on the market contains its own selection of solvers and solution procedures that may or may not be able to represent these phenomena with varying degrees of efficiency and accuracy. Abaqus excels at having a widely applicable and highly efficient solver portfolio. Let’s take a closer look at the many applications of that broad and deep FEA toolbox. 

SIMULATION Jul 25, 2023

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is a powerful discipline that enables engineers to design, analyze, and optimize complex systems and structures more efficiently and accurately. It has revolutionized the way engineering is done and will continue to be a critical component of the engineering process in the future. If you are looking to bring Finite Element Analysis (FEA) or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software in-house, there are a few things you should know before you buy.   

As a design progresses, engineers move on to more detailed analyses to validate the design. This is where SOLIDWORKS Simulation can be leveraged to quickly analyze individual components and multi-part assemblies in a range of loading conditions. However, as designs become more complex, the limitations of SOLIDWORKS Simulation become apparent, and more powerful tools like Abaqus are required. This article helps you determine when is a good time to upgrade. 




In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to add a torsional spring to a SOLIDWORKS Motion study. In order to affect how a hinge assembly responds to the forces of gravity and a motor, we'll add a damper, which dissipates energy, and a torsional spring, which stores it.

SIMULATION Jun 12, 2023

As advanced simulation software like Abaqus becomes ever more important to developing highly competitive products, manufacturers are looking for ways to expand their FEA capabilities. Many of those manufacturers may begin by looking to hire FEA or CFD or emag simulation engineers, but this may not be the most cost-effective approach.


SIMULATION Jun 08, 2023

GoEngineer's simulation team can best be demonstrated by introducing some of the individual members. If your company needs simulation support, these are among the people ready to assist you.


Mesh convergence is often overlooked when running SOLIDWORKS frequency analysis. In this tutorial, we cover what results frequency analysis gives the user as well as how increasing or decreasing the mesh density in the analysis can change the given results of the program. We also briefly cover how using draft-quality mesh instead of high-quality mesh can affect SOLIDWORKS frequency analysis results.