Import CAD Data to PDM – Pack and Go Method

Article by GoEngineer on Jul 21, 2019

This is the fourth article in the series on manually importing CAD data into PDM.  In this document we will cover the “Pack and Go” method of import.

For an overview of the methods for import please see the first document in the series “Manually Importing CAD Data into SOLIDWORKS PDM”.


  • You are certain to get all of the referenced files
  • File references are updated to point inside of the PDM Vault
  • All files can be copied into a single folder. This can help with resolving name conflicts and fixing file references
  • You can create a brand new folder structure


  • There may be files that are not copied into PDM as they aren’t referenced by the assembly you are importing
  • There may be duplicate files in subfolders. These will have to be located and resolved

Procedure Overview:

  • Verify that your vault is set to not allow duplicate file names
  • Use “Pack and Go” to copy an assembly into PDM
  • Check in all files in the “Save To” folder that have unique file names
  • Identify and resolve files that have duplicate file names
  • Fix file references so they all point to files inside of the PDM Vault
  • Release files inside of PDM that have previously been released outside of PDM. Set the PDM Revision to match their current, released revision.

Detailed Procedure

Verify that your vault is set to not allow duplicate file names

1) Open the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool
2) Log-in to your vault with the Admin user account

3) Right-click “File Types” and choose “Duplicate file name settings”

CAD to PDM - PDM admin tools

4) Select the middle radio button “Do not allow duplicate file names inn this file vault”
5) Select “OK”

CAD to PDM - do not allowed duplicate file names

Use “Pack and Go” to copy an assembly into PDM”

Please watch the video “SOLIDWORKS PDM Pack and Go with Update References” for a demonstration of using “Pack and Go” to import files to PDM, resolving duplicate file names and fixing file references.

Set the PDM Revision to match their current, released revision

With a new file in PDM the revision is managed by the workflow. As a file is released in the workflow then the revision is automatically updated to the new release.  This process will always use the first revision in the sequence for the first release of a file.  While this is perfect for a new file being released for the first time, it is not desired for imported files that have already been released.  If your files have been released outside of PDM you would like for them to now be released with the same revision inside of PDM.

In order to accomplish this in SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard you will need to use the “Set Revision” command.  The method to accomplish this is covered in the GoEngineer video “SOLIDWORKS PDM – Set Revision

This concludes the series on importing files into PDM.  I hope you found it useful.

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