SOLIDWORKS: Disable Drawing Changes (Model Items)

Article by GoEngineer on Apr 05, 2018


Have you ever had the need to have someone be able to change a drawing but you don’t want them to have the ability to edit the model? In this document I am going to show how to disable the ability to revise the model from the drawing level and to keep the drawing dimensions at the drawing level only.

To make the permission modifications I am laying out in this document, you will need Administrator access with read/write permissions to the Windows registry and with Windows registry knowledge of what is being changed.

CAUTION!!!! Be very careful when making modifications to the registry as this may cause serious instability on your system. As such, you will need full administrative permissions on your computer to be able to edit them.

This process will not work correctly if SOLIDWORKS is currently running, so the first step is to save all relevant work and exit SOLIDWORKS.

How to make the permission modifications

  • Open Windows Registry Editor
    • Start > Type ‘Regedit’ and select on Regedit as the result
  • Once in the registry editor, you will see a series of folders See Figure 1
Windows Registry Editor

Figure 1

  • Expand Software > SolidWorks > SolidWorks 20XX > General > Disable model changes from drawings See Figure 2
  • Change the value from 0 to 1

Repeat the same process for the  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder

Windows Registry Editor Local Machine

Figure 2

Where/What is the Model Items Command?

  • Model Items allows the user to add sketch dimensions to the drawing and not create dual efforts of having potentially conflicting dimensions in two places
  • Model Items can be found in the annotations toolbar in your drawing. See figure to the right Model Items Command
  • Most of the time having this option is a nice time savings ability and the peace of mind that you do not have two pieces of information to check.

Why would this be warranted behavior of not allowing a user to edit?

  • In some cases you will have two different users working on a drawing and one user will not want the other user changing the model from the drawing.
  • For instance, if a drafter is changing an engineer’s model from the drawing, this could be unwanted, and possibly damaging or dangerous, behavior
  • This would be a case where the above steps could be put in place from an administrator to prevent such things from happening

Please remember that after making these windows registry edits, this will be blocking the user’s ability to change any model sketch dimensions from the drawing. For assistance making windows registry edits, always consult your IT department, prior to making any changes.

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