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Article by GoEngineer on Mar 20, 2018

Are your file locations incorrect after using the Copy Settings Wizard?

All of my previous file locations have been mapped to my current installation. I would like to point all of them in the correct location. New in 2017, SOLIDWORKS has allowed us the ability to ‘Edit All’ the links at once to fix this issue. Below is an example of my old file locations which are no longer in use for my current year installation.

To access this feature:

  1. Select Options (Tools→Options)
  2. Select File Locations
  3. Select ‘Edit All’

SOLIDWORKS Edit All File Locations System Options

The fastest way to replace all file locations at once, is to use the ‘Find/Replace’ button at the bottom right to replace old your locations with the new ones. In the example below, I want to change from my original 2016 locations to the new 2017 locations. We can use the dialog box to simply find any location that says 2016, and replace with 2017 (as shown below).

SOLIDWORKS Edit All File Locations Find and replace example 1

When you hit ‘Replace’ or ‘Replace All’ the path will highlight green where the change has been made to the file locations (as shown in the examples below).

SOLIDWORKS Edit All File Locations Find and Replace Example 2

SOLIDWORKS Edit All File Locations Find and Replace Example 3

When you are complete, press save, and a similar dialog box will appear, asking if you would like to confirm the document location changes.SOLIDWORKS Edit All File Locations Dialog Box


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