SOLIDWORKS Electrical Installation

Article by GoEngineer on Jul 23, 2017

Where do I obtain SOLIDWORKS Electrical software?
How do I Prepare my computer for a successful installation?
How do I properly install SOLIDWORKS Electrical?

Obtaining the Software

If you already have SOLIDWORKS products installed on your machine, please Modify the installation to add SOLIDWORKS electrical to your current installation

This can be achieved by navigating to Control Panel  > Programs and Features > Select SOLIDWORKS > Change
Please continue reading this document as the steps are the same and the concept is just as important

To download the software you will need to go to the GoEngineer Downloads page
To extract the software you will need to extract the download (zipped) with 7zip extractor

Prepping Up Your Computer for Successful Installation

It is best practice to pause or disable any real-time protection of your Anti-Virus

Anti-Virus programs are known for blocking processes during the installation of SOLIDWORKS
If you are unable to pause or disable the real-time protection only, you might need to disable the Anti-Virus program as a whole.
This will only be needed for the duration of the install. Enable the program after the installation as you want to be protected from threats.
Please consult your IT department if you are uncomfortable with making this change.


Microsoft Windows has different rights for different groups and you will want to be sure that you have the correct rights to install on your server machine

The easiest was to accomplish this is to log onto the ‘Administrator’ for the machine itself (Local Admin), not just a user with admin rights
This will ensure that you have the proper rights
It is very important that all aspects of SOLIDWORKS Electrical have proper rights
SQL requires administrative privileges for installation


Please Make sure that You will be installing the same version of Electrical as you will or already have SOLIDWORKS installed

Default port for the Collaborative Server – TCP and UDP 26666 (required to be opened bi-directionally at all times)
Default port for the SQL Server – TCP and UDP 1433 (required to be opened bi-directionally at all times)

Installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Client Installation

Starting the Installation
Please Navigate to the downloaded software from the link above
Right-Click on the ‘Setup’ file and Select Run as Administrator
You will now enter the Installation Manager

Select Individual (on this computer)
Select ‘Next

The next screen you will come to will allow you to input your serial numbers for your different SOLIDWORKS products
Please check to see if the SOLIDWORKS Electrical serial is the same as your SOLIDWORKS serial number

If these are the same, you will not need to enter it again for SOLIDWORKS Electrical
installing solidworks electrical

If you have a different SOLIDWORKS Electrical Serial number, expand the Electrical Design section

Check the box for SOLIDWORKS Electrical (whichever products you have license numbers for)
installing solidworks electrical - electrical design

Once you have all of the necessary serial numbers for your products, please select ‘Next

SOLIDWORKS will now check the entitlements for the serial numbers entered and allow you to install products that are allowed to be installed using the numbers input

installing solidworks electrical client installation

Once the Software is finished with entitlements, you will come to the summary page
This page is a very important page of the installation
This is where you can double check the installation of each product

installing solidworks electrical products

Check to make sure that the proper SOLIDWORKS Electrical products are installed
Select Change next to Products
Scroll down to where you see SOLIDWORKS Electrical
If you have not installed SOLIDWORKS Electrical on a server you will want to checlk all of the electrical options

installing solidworks electrical electrical options

If you have installed SOLIDWORKS Electrical on a server, you do not need Collaborative Server or Data checked

installing solidworks electrical collaborative server and data unchecked

Once complete select ‘Back to Summary’ or Next (depending on the version you are installing)

Click to expand the Electrical Options to see how electrical will be installed

installing solidworks electrical client operations electrical options

It is recommend that you select change to see what option are available and know what the software is doing in the background

You will see two major sections Collaborative Server and SQL Server

installing solidworks electrical SQL server

Collaborative Server
Please enter the name of your server that the Collaborative Server will be installed on

If this is going to all be contained on your machine, please enter your computer name or localhost (meaning the computer you are on)
Port 26666 must have two-way communication from the server to the client
Please consult with your IT departement if you are having connection problems
SOLIDWORKS requires open port communication


SQL Server
Please enter the name of the server that SQL is or will be installed on

If you do not have SQL installed, SQL Express comes with this installation

The Installation manager will install it for you on the server specified here

If you have have an existing installation of SQL, but do not have SOLIDWORKS Electrical installed, you will want to have an instance created on that SQL server, but a different instance name than any others currently on the server that are not SOLIDWORKS Electrical.


If you currently have an existing SOLIDWORKS Electrical Server instance installed, you will want to select the Browse button to find the existing SQL instance set up for SOLIDWORKS Electrical

installing solidworks electrical browse

Select the instance desired and select ‘OK
If you do not have an existing server, please select Install a new instance of SQL Server

This will adopt the name you have specified in the previous field for the instance name

Please specify Windows authentification or Login/Password authentication
Your IT department will be able to tell you which method to use and what the SQL user name and password is.

SQL REQUIRES administrative rights to install or revise anything on the SQL server

Please make sure you consult with your IT department or administrator for ensurance of the correct rights


It is recommended that you keep the password as default in case anything happens, you will always know what the default password is. Support also knows the default password just in case you run into any issues.

installing solidworks electrical password

Once Complete, select Back to Summary

Select Install now installing solidworks electrical install now

Enjoy Using the Software!!

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