SOLIDWORKS PDM - How to Merge Groups in PDM

Article by GoEngineer on May 26, 2020

When cleaning up your PDM vault from excess groups because of company mergers which result in importing different PDM vault administrative features like groups. You may desire to merge two groups together. Though there is no administrative merge feature you can easily use the current PDM group interface to get all desired users into a single group so the old group can be removed.


  • If group permissions are different enough you will want to analyze the desired group’s permissions to help identify if those permission are appropriate for the merging users.
  • During the merge process all users will have permissions from both groups until the old group is removed from the vault.
  • Always perform a complete database backup before making any PDM administrative changes. See ‘Backing Up and Restoring File Vaults’ section of the PDM Installation Guide for step by step instructions.


1. Log into the vault in the Administration tool with the PDM ‘admin’ user account.
2. Right click ‘Groups’ node in left side pane and select ‘Open’.

pdm admin user account

3. Select a group -> hold Ctrl key down and select a second group
4. With both groups selected -> Right click first group and select ‘Properties…’

pdm vault properties

5. Select the ‘Group Members’ option on the left to list users in both groups.
6. Under the ‘Full Name’ column you will see check boxes next to the username. If box is solid the user is member to 1 of 2 groups. If the box is checked the user is member to both groups. By changing the solid box to a check mark the user will be part of both groups.

pdm vault group members

7. Once all users have a green check mark. Select ‘Ok’.

pdm vault group properties green checkmark

8. You can delete the old group no longer needed in PDM. Users will now be part of the new group.

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