SOLIDWORKS Trial Installation and Activation

Article by GoEngineer on Nov 02, 2017

New SOLIDWORKS Installation

For new installation instructions, please Click Here. During the installation, the ‘Serial Number’ screen is where you will input your trial serial number(s) to the desired products. (Figure 1)

SOLIDWORKS Trial Installation and Activation Serial Number Screen
  • Figure 1: Serial Number Screen

Existing SOLIDWORKS Installation

For existing installations, follow these steps. Note that you will need access to your original installation media to modify and add new products to SOLIDWORKS. (Get with your IT if you need permissions to modify programs)

  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel
  2. Go to ‘Programs and Features’
  3. Locate the ‘SOLIDWORKS 20XX SPX’ installation in the list of programs and elect to ‘Change’ it
  4. Select ‘Modify The Individual Installation’ and proceed ‘Next’
  5. Add the trial serial number to the desired product on the serial number screen (Figure 1)
  6. Proceed to the ‘Product Selection’ screen to enable any additional add-ins that the trial serial number is entitled to (you can also remove products no longer in use)
  7. Proceed to the ‘Summary’ screen and then select ‘Modify Now’ to complete the modification
  9. Activate the newly installed products…

The SOLIDWORKS Product Activation wizard should open and offer to activate if using a new SOLIDWORKS 3D Design trial serial number or when a trial add-in is enabled on start up. The automatic activation type will quickly activate the trial serial number.

If the trial serial number is an add-in (Simulation, Motion, Inspection, etc), you will need to start this product by enabling the add-in by clicking Tools -> Add-ins. (Figure 2)

There are two check boxes for each add-in. The boxes in the left column are for the current session, the boxes in the right column will start the add-in everytime SOLIDWORKS is started.

SOLIDWORKS Trial Installation and Activation add-ins
  • Figure 2: Add-ins

SOLIDWORKS MBD is not listed in Tools -> Add-ins like other SOLIDWORKS add-ins.  However, when it is installed, the MBD toolbar should automatically become active. If you do not see the new add-in tools, right-click on any CommandManager tabs and enable the toolbar. (Figure 3)

SOLIDWORKS Trial Installation and Activation command manager tabs
  • Figure 3: CommandManager Tabs

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