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What do you Mean My SOLIDWORKS Activation Count is EXCEEDED?!

by Jerald Staley

Deactivation succeeded screen in SOLIDWORKS

Enough of us have seen this message before: activation count exceeded. We cringe when it happens and then try to figure out who we must scramble to call to get it resolved. In most cases, this overage was done without your knowledge. There are a few steps to keep this from happening. The sections below will get you the information on your situation and how to address it.

Using SOLIDWORKS and 3D Printing to Create a Race Medallion Hanger

by David Cersley

David Cersley Race Medallions

The first step to being successful is identifying a solution to a problem, I learned that on Shark Tank. In this case, my problem was that I had a bunch of race medallions laying around that I wanted to display. I looked online and the costs were expensive, and I thought heck, I can design my own. So, I fired up SOLIDWORKS, made a model, collaborated with my colleague Jeff Lendermon on the final design of a medallion hanger. Here is how it all happened.

Designing a Trailer Using SOLIDWORKS Weldments | Case Study

by Jared Trotter

Designing a Trailer Using SOLIDWORKS Weldments

Trailer design is an engineering challenge that is made easier by robust, yet flexible CAD tools. SOLIDWORKS Weldments is well-suited for this endeavor with intuitive features that make modeling this and other structures a lean process.

Ultimate Guide to SOLIDWORKS Licensing: Types, Activation, and Borrowing

by Darin Grosser

SOLIDWORKS offers several licensing solutions tailored to the size and flexibility needs of an organization. These licenses range from Single Seat, Single User, and Standalone to the ability to spread your SOLIDWORKS investment over a large group of users using Floating Network licenses.

Missing File Locations in SOLIDWORKS? Let’s Find Them!

by Heather McHale

Find and Replace SOLIDWORKS File Locations

Have you ever upgraded SOLIDWORKS and started receiving file location errors? Maybe your templates are invalid, or you see instead of the diameter symbol? These issues are due to the reference file locations looking in the wrong location, most likely an old installation folder.

Optimizing Golf Design Using SOLIDWORKS Tools

by David Cersley

Optimizing Golf Design Using SOLIDWORKS Tools

When given the incredible opportunity to present at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020, we shared how we used SOLIDWORKS to design golf equipment, how simulation can validate design theories, and AI or Topology Optimization could change the way golf putters look.

Creating Multiple Parts From One Part File in SOLIDWORKS

by Brandon Harris

pendant assembly

While working on projects in SOLIDWORKS, I sometimes find myself in a situation where I’m creating multiple parts that combine to make a whole. Over the course of my experiences, I have seen a few approaches to this.

Kinetic Art Project: Using SOLIDWORKS and Casting Fins

by Brandon Harris

Kinetic Art Project: Using SOLIDWORKS and Casting Fins

Thank you for returning to my Kinetic Art Project series.  In this final segment of the series, I’ve used SOLIDWORKS to check for mass properties and documented the process for casting the

Stratasys F123 Series Print Head Storage Solutions | 3D Printing Hacks

by Jeff Lendermon

If you order 3D printing supplies in bulk or for future use, you may find yourself storing them in a box on a shelf or in the drawer of the 3D printer. There has to be a better place, right? See what I came up with for print head storage in this 3D printing hack.