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Restore Windows Thumbnail

by Erick Vega

Learn how to restore the preview images of your SOLIDWORKS file icons when browsing through your Windows folders. Read on.

SOLIDWORKS: Numbers and Drill Sizes

by Rodolfo Gutierrez

In this guide, you will learn how to display letter and number drill sizes in your Hole Table within SOLIDWORKS drawings.

GoEngineer’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

by Sandy Ortez

2015 flew by like a flash! Looking back, we created articles that helped inspire great designs and encourage innovation.  Here is a list of top 10 blog posts viewed by readers like you! Stories include quick tips, new features in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

by Nic Rady


GoEngineer has put together commonly used keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures in a handy reference guide for you to download and can keep on your workstation as you design in SOLIDWORKS. It includes 2016!

Quick Fix for SOLIDWORKS Install Error

by Nic Rady

If you are experiencing problems with your SOLIDWORKS Install; add-ins not showing up, macros causing SOLIDWORKS to crash, or an error message to pop-up when opening files, this will help!

International Left Handers Day

by GoEngineer

In the spirit of International Left Handers Day, here is a look at broken bones, right-handed scissors and leveraging technology from a lefty point of view.

Key Elements For Creating Electrical Components

by Injy Gadalla

Whether you are developing conceptual high-level diagrams or creating detailed schematic drawings, components represent the basic entities of your design. How much time are your spending creating detailed components and mapping the appropriate models and attributes? And most importantly, how are

Welcome to the CAD Admin’s Corner

by Brian Johnson

Welcome to our new series focusing on the nuts and bolts of being an Admin. The scope of what an Admin does can vary greatly from company to company. Read more here…

What 3D Printer is best for me?

by Kevin Quach

With the boom of 3D printers becoming more prevalent in today’s world, a question I am often asked is, “What’s the best printer?” In reality, there is no one printer to rule them all so to

Automated Cache Management

by Francisco Guzman

I enjoy hearing about new approaches to automate repetitive tasks and facilitate daily processes. When I first heard about Enterprise PDM’s new option to automate caching behavior for Enterprise PDM 2014, I immediately thought about sharing this new useful functionality.

Whats New 2014 – Configurable Equations

by GoEngineer

Learn how in SolidWorks 2014, you can configure the contents of equations in Starting. In previous versions, you could only suppress or un-suppress equations.