GoEngineer Kids’ Camps – Calling all future engineers!

GoEngineer offers a custom Kids’ Camp to youth as a basic introduction to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design & Stratasys 3D printing.
Future products are in your hands. During this unique opportunity, discover how you can think beyond limits with cutting-edge technologies that will Shape Your World for years to come!


*One Day Course Curriculum: Introduction to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design & Stratasys 3D printing. The instructor will lead the class through basic part design and demonstrate how that design becomes a prototype on our state-of-the-art 3D printers. Students will be able to view our 3D printers in action!

  • Learn to design with SOLIDWORKS
  • No previous CAD experience needed
  • Print a 3D Prototype
  • Meet other future engineers in the making!
  • Ages: 12-18yrs
  • The Camps are Free!

►►► Kids’ Camp Slide Show

►►► Kids’ Camp Video




Austin, TX 7/11/2019 https://3dcampaustin711.eventbrite.com/
Boise, ID 7/12/2019 https://3dcampboise719.eventbrite.com/
Carrollton, TX 7/11/2019 https://3dcampcarrollton711.eventbrite.com/
Carrollton, TX 7/12/2019 https://3dcampcarrollton712.eventbrite.com/
Duncan, OK 7/23/2019 https://3dcampduncan723.eventbrite.com/
Duncan, OK 7/24/2019 https://3dcampduncan724.eventbrite.com/
Houston, TX 7/10/2019 https://3dcamphouston710.eventbrite.com/
Houston, TX 7/12/2019 https://3dcamphouston712.eventbrite.com/
Rancho Cordova, CA 7/18/2019 https://3dcampranchocordova718.eventbrite.com/
Salt Lake City, UT 8/1/2019 https://3dcampslc81.eventbrite.com/
Salt Lake City, UT 8/2/2019 https://3dcampslc82.eventbrite.com/
San Diego, CA 7/11/2019 https://3dcampsd711.eventbrite.com/
San Diego, CA 7/18/2019 https://3dcampsd718.eventbrite.com/
Santa Ana, CA 7/17/2019 https://3dcampsna717.eventbrite.com/
Santa Ana, CA 7/18/2019 https://3dcampsna718.eventbrite.com/
Santa Clara, CA 7/11/2019 https://3dcampsc711.eventbrite.com/
Santa Clara, CA 7/18/2019 https://3dcampsc718.eventbrite.com/
St. George, UT 7/12/2019 https://3dcampstgeorge712.eventbrite.com/
Tulsa, OK 7/18/2019 https://3dcamptulsa718.eventbrite.com/
Woodland Hills, CA 7/10/2019 https://3dcampwhills710.eventbrite.com/
Ontario, CA 7/17/2019 https://3dcampontario717.eventbrite.com/

Check back for Kids’ Camp 2019 Dates and Registration.