API Instructions: Oring Mate

O-ring Procreator



Place Oring Mate.swp in a safe folder location. Assign hot key, or icon to execute command within SOLIDWORKS.


This macro has assumptions about how you currently set up your model in order to place multiple mates for o-rings in one go.

  • The top level assembly has an Axis named ‘Axis1’ along the center
  • Your o-rings also have an Axis named ‘Axis1’ that cooresponds to the top level assembly center.
  • Your o-rings have a plane named ‘CENTER’ that defineds the center of the groove location.
  • The Front Plane in the assembly and o-ring are 90 degrees from the center plane of the groove.

You can select as many selections as you want. The macro will take every other selection pair to perform the mating conditions with. Selection 1 is a face from the o-ring, Selection 2 is the bottom face of the groove. Selection 3 is the next o-ring; Selection 4 is the next bottom face of its corresponding groove, and so on.

First it will take and find the adjacent faces to the bottom groove face and apply a symmetric mate between the CENTER plane of the o-ring and these two faces.

Then it will mate the Axis1 from the o-ring to the Axis1 of the top level assembly.

Next it will place a parallel mate between the Front Plane of the top level assembly and the Front Plane of the o-ring.

Lastly, it repeats this process for how many selections you have made.

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