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Give Your Customers a 3D Shopping Experience

Engage & excite your customers in a new way using product configurator SOLIDWORKS® Sell with product customization and a 360° product viewer on your website.  Try out the easy to use SOLIDWORKS Sell interface below to see products come to life with the custom 3D Designer!

      What is SOLIDWORKS Sell?

      SOLIDWORKS Sell takes SOLIDWORKS models and pushes them to a web interface for end user customization and visualization. Allows customers to interface with a light-weight 3D model then choose from the available options, colors, materials and configurations and submit a custom order, all through a web browser on a PC, Apple or mobile device. Newer mobile devices also support a built in AR (Augmented Reality) function that lets the end user place their customized model in real world environment using the devices camera. The customizable models can even be directly embedded to websites to enhance your existing web offerings.


      SOLIDWORKS Sell Packages

      Get Pricing for SOLIDWORKS Sell Customize Package at GoEngineer
      SOLIDWORKS® Sell Customize enables your team to engage or pitch to customers internally or externally using our 3D product configurator which adapts to their needs in real-time. Customers will be delighted with this visual online experience.

      Get Pricing for SOLIDWORKS Sell Digital Catalog Package at GoEngineer
      SOLIDWORKS® Sell Digital Catalog simplifies your online catalog offerings. Our 3D product configurator eliminates the need for expensive photography while adding the ability to offer your customers 360 views of customizable products.

      Get Pricing for SOLIDWORKS Sell Digital Catalog Package at GoEngineer
      SOLIDWORKS® Sell eCommerce brings you the tools to create experiential retailing using our product configurator. Tools from Do It Yourself (DIY) product configuration to Augmented Reality and 3DPrinting can help transform your eCommerce experience.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is it sold in 5 packs of named users with logins as a yearly subscription based software. This login allows users to upload and setup the models online. There is no licensing for the public facing interface that allows end users to customize the models.

      There is a free SOLIDWORKS Addin available for download that connects to the cloud SOLIDWORKS Sell space. The Addin has an interface for uploading any SOLIDWORKS models.

      No, SOLIDWORKS Sell end users can use nearly any web enabled device with video capabilities. Windows or Mac PC and laptop as well as Android and Apple phones and tablets also work.

      No, SOLIDWORKS Sell is not an “Engineer to Order” software. The end users can only chose from existing options for size, color and configurations.

      Yes, SOLIDWORKS Sell comes with many materials in the library to start with, but any picture can be turned into a custom material in SOLIDWORKS Sell and used on models.

      There is a built in Buy button in the Public facing interface which will send over an order to SOLIDWORKS Sell. You can also purchase the API to allow a fully functional “add to cart” for your existing web site.

      SOLIDWORKS  Services:
      Utilize GoEngineer’s Award Winning Support & Training for SOLIDWORKS 


      GoEngineer’s extensive SOLIDWORKS technical knowledge and world class support can help you succeed with SOLIDWORKS.    Our Award winning team is ready to help you with any task you may have.  Using state-of-art remote assistant technology software allows our team to solve most issues within one session.  Reach out and see why GoEngineer is the #1 reseller of SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys systems in the world!

      – 125+Certified Technical Specialists
      – Email, Phone and Chat Support Available
      – 98% Exceptional Customer Service Rating


      GoEngineer offers online and classroom professional SOLIDWORKS training for organizations and individuals.  All our instructors are SOLIDWORKS certified and teach thousands of students each year world wide.  The curriculum is very diverse with numerous certified SOLIDWORKS courses to choose from. Each student will receive a Course Completion Certificate and preparation materials for SOLIDWORKS certification.

      – Increase Your Earning Potential
      – Led by Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructors
      – Smaller Classes with Focused Attention

      Additional Resources

      Take Advantage of GoEngineer’s Extensive Knowledge Base and Resources

      GoLabs Resources for SOLIDWORKS


      Make use of our facility to get hands-on experience with SOLIDWORKS and Simulation software. What’s ours is yours.


      Subscribe to the GoEngineer YouTube Channel

      YouTube Channel

      Free Instructional SOLIDWORKS Tutorials, tips and tricks, webinars and more created to help you improve your skills.

      GoEngineer’s YouTube Channel

      JoeEngineer Knowlege base

      Ask JoeEngineer

      A robust Knowledge Base with over 12 thousand resources compiled to help answer your questions.

      Ask JoeEngineer

      SOLIDWORKS Training classes available at GoEngineer

      Certified Training Courses

      SOLIDWORKS Training courses, CAMWorks and More available from GoEngineer.  Choose what method works for you: online, classroom or onsite at your facility.
      Certified Training Courses

      GoEngineer Kids Camp

      Kids’ Camp

      Introduction to SOLIDWORKS CAD design and 3D printing for future engineers! GoEngineer customers receive priority registration to this unique opportunity.
      Kids’ Camp

      SOLIDWORKS Free Automation Tools

      SOLIDWORKS Automation Tools

      Here’s a collection of small ‘macros’ that were tailored to help solve problems. Use, review, modify, and enjoy!
      SOLIDWORKS Automation Tools

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