3D Printing Tip - How To Dye Polyjet Parts

Have you ever wanted to add color to your Stratasys Polyjet 3D Printed parts?  

You can add color to your basic Polyjet parts with RIT Dye. Vero Clear and Vero White work the best for this process, but it can be applied to others including the rubber-like Tango and Agilus materials. There are a few things to keep in mind: the dye only adheres to surfaces where the support material was touching the part – printed in matte mode. You can dye parts printed in glossy mode but keep in mind that the glossy smooth surfaces will not accept the dye, as shown by the blue frog in this video. 

This can be a fun, simple, and inexpensive method to add some color to your 3D printed projects – especially if you have the older or less expensive Polyjet printers that don’t have all of the color options available on the Connex 3 or J750/J850 models. 

So go out and have some fun adding a splash of colored life to your clear Polyjet parts!