3D Product Configurators Enable the Business Friendly Experience

The focus of this presentation is to highlight how “Business-Friendly” these systems can be. In addition to instant quotes, we will identify ten tasks that DriveWorks Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) will automate after the “Request for Quote” button is pushed. Join us to learn how DriveWorks will eliminate bottlenecks by: 

- Automatically generating fabrication drawings, sales drawings, Bills of Materials, Photo-renderings… 
- Integrating with CRM to upload item and opportunity data 
- Generating information to feed into ERP 
- 3D Product Configurators provide a graphical, interactive and engaging user experience that makes it easy to specify and customize your products. 
- Customers can see a dynamic 3D model showing the results of their selections as they follow the customization process for the product that suit their needs. 3D Product Configurators are proven to increase sales, shorten the sales cycle and ensure product accuracy.

Presented by John Mignardi, CPQ DriveWorks / CAD Automation Expert at Javelin.