Altair EDEM - Introduction

Altair EDEM is a leading simulation program for accurately modeling the bulk behavior of granular materials, and how material loading will affect heavy equipment. With thousands of research papers and many customer case studies in its long history, this discrete element method software can help to accurately model and improve your machinery. Granular materials can be particle-like materials such as coal, ores, soil, rocks, aggregates, pellets, tablets, and powders, among others. Motion is also an allowable and expected portion of these analyses. Translating conveyor belts, inlets opening and closing, and mixers are all common applications EDEM can represent. Like many of Altair’s tools, EDEM integrates with Altair’s other high-end offerings. Couple with FEA, CFD, Dynamic Motion, and Python scripting to accurately simulate and output many types of real world applications. Find out more by watching this video, or going to our other resources.