Are you making Drawings or are you making Smart Drawings

In this webinar, we will explore methods to decrease the time needed to create a SOLIDWORKS Drawing.  First, utilizing a Drawing Template containing Predefined Views, allows you to create a standard four-view drawing with a few mouse clicks. We will also discuss the process for creating a custom second-sheet format by making simple edits to the existing sheet format. Inserting Model items is a great way to leverage the dimensions created from the sketches and features already found in the model into your drawing. The Property Tab Builder allows the user to make sure their parts, assemblies, and drawings have all the important custom properties.  We’ll also show how we can link those properties to the Drawing title block and even notes in the Design Library that can be reused to reduce the amount of time needed to type standard notes.  When you apply these tips and tricks to your drawings, you will be able to generate your drawings quicker and get back to creating and verifying your 3D Designs in SOLIDWORKS.