High End FDM Material Load and Unload

If you’ve got a new team member, in your 3D Printer room asking, “What’s the process for changing out material on a high end Stratasys FDM system?”; we’ve got a video that can answer that question. Here’s a quick reference video for the entire procedure revolving around that process. The Stratasys FDM process was created back in 1989 and since that time, they have continued to be the leading pioneers for the advancement of materials and applications related to this process. 3D Printing is not just about whether or not you can extrude a material but more so, about the science behind material composition, proper thermal requirements, and the understanding of how plastics behave, in both a heated and cooled state. Stratasys is a world leader, regarding 3D Printing and specifically, the FDM technology, being discussed in this video. This video is intended to demonstrate all the steps involved with the installation and removal of material from either a 900, 450, 380, 400, 360, Vantage, and Titan class Stratasys FDM system.