Makerbot Method X - First Impressions and Setup - Darin at GoE

Now that Darin at GoEngineer has had a chance to unbox the Makerbot Method X, it's time to get the machine in place and setup and ready to PRINT!!
What Darin found out is that he needs to throw away any pre concieved notions he had about this brand of 3D Printer.  The development of the Method has changed what this printer represents.
Once again.....this Makerbot is a far cry from its decendants in EVERY SINGLE WAY!
No longer are we talking about the 'first widespread FDM printer on the market'....or making colorful trinkets and figurines....
THIS is Industrial Grade Additive Manufacturing for your OFFICE!
You owe it to yourself to watch this video and reset your impressions of what "Makerbot" means to you!

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