SIMULIAworks - ABAQUS for SOLIDWORKS Users (Roundtable)

This is a roundtable event hosted by GoEngineer for SIMULIAworks, the structural analysis solution powered by ABAQUS technology. Learn how you can leverage the advanced material types and nonlinear analysis capabilities to simulate the structural performance of products in real-world environments. During the event, we discuss the following topics: • SIMULIAworks case studies for Advanced Structural Analysis (FEA) • Integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD for an easy workflow • Applications for SIMULIAworks technology in Industry With this powerful simulation program, SIMULIAworks delivers a simple and integrated workflow for SOLIDWORKS users to expand their existing simulation with a more advanced and scalable solution. This simulation program offers: • Linear and nonlinear structural analysis with crash and impact testing capabilities • Advanced nonlinear materials including metal plasticity, rubber hyper-elasticity and fracture