SOLIDWORKS PDM Webinar - PDM Product Spotlight

Despite Data Management gaining mainstream acceptance that it is necessary to an efficient design organization for more than 2 decades, many SOLIDWORKS users still store their complex CAD data in Windows folders, most commonly on a Mapped Network Drive. Asside from performance gains realize by simply 'working' on the data from ones "Local Vault View", the ability to control Revision and Versions, and most importantly prevent data overwrite or corruption are BASELINE capabilities from SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard on up thru Professional and Enovia. This presentation will discuss the basics of what PDM offers, how you can use it to solve many of your daily challenges with data access and performance, and compares and contrasts Standard, Professional and to a degree, EnoviaWorks to start you on your path to implementation of the solution that works best for your situation. You will also discover if you ALREADY OWN SOLIDWOKRS PDM and simply don't know that it's part of your SOLIDWORKS PROFESSIONAL or PREMIUM seat. OPPS!!! Gave it away. :) Join us for this hour long, interactive discussion presented at the Eastern Michigan SOLIDWORKS Usergroup on February 24th, 2021. Follow me on Twitter @GOwithDarin Also, follow us on Social media to get updates on what's new in the SOLIDWORKS universe!!