Take your Wire EDM programming to the next level with the all-new CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro

This webinar presents the salient upgrades and enhancements in the just released CAMWorks 2021 WireEDM Professional programming system, making it the world’s most advanced wire EDM programming tool.
This recently introduced version is the latest step in the constant improvement path of the CAMWorks CAD/CAM system, which, for over 20 years, has been the choice for complete CAM integration inside the Solidworks environment. As with any other CAMWorks module, featuring single-window integration inside Solidworks, this version takes wire EDM programming to the next level of automation, implementing significant improvements in the programming of 2-axis, 2-axis with taper and full 4-axis wire EDM parts. The webinar will show the brand-new Solid-to-gcode function, capable of one-click programming of complex wire EDM toolpaths and the virtual wire EDM simulation.
Other significant enhancements presented are automatic land and taper calculations, automatic glue stop size calculation based on weight of the slug, automatic selection of start holes and points and the automatic recognition of 4-axis features (including those designed with non-planar surfaces at their ends).
Contacts are provided, so newcomers and experienced CAMWorks users desiring a more in-depth look at this exciting new release can pursue this interest.