Where Did It Go? Is SOLIDWORKS Ghosting Me?

You lost something. Something BIG! But chances are, you did not. In this webinar you will learn about how to properly send assembly files using pack and go, repair broken references to assembly files and drawings. In this webinar we also cover how to save drawing templates and sheet formats along with how to tell SOLIDWORKS where to find those templates by adding the correct file locations. If you work with imported non-SOLIDWORKS CAD files you will benefit from learning about what 3D Interconnect does and how to turn it on to benefit from SOLIDWORKS automatic conversion to native data. In addition, learn about weldment cut list sorting options, auto-recover files option, back up files, error messages, warnings and more. Join us for this super useful troubleshooting session where we teach you how to find these lost items, including the following: Lost files, Part files, Templates, sheet formats, Revision Table, BOM table, Phantom drawing views, Missing Hardware, Search Paths, Find References.