Basic Techniques: Sheet Metal | SOLIDWORKS Built-In Tutorials

How many times have you tried one of the built-in SOLIDWORKS tutorials and either got lost, interrupted, or just plain bored? In this playlist I’ve picked the top ten tutorials and will walk you through the lesson in a fraction of the time so you can get a quick preview. 

This model is selected from 'SOLIDWORKS Tutorials'→ Basic Techniques → Sheet Metal. 

This lesson includes: 
1. Creating a base flange 
2. Adding a miter flange 
3. Mirroring the part and creating new bends 
4. Adding an edge flange and editing its sketch profile 
5. Mirroring a feature 
6. Adding and bending a tab 
7. Adding a cut across a bend 
8. Folding and unfolding bends 
9. Creating a closed corner 
10. Creating a sheet metal drawing 
11. Adding bend line notes

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