CAMWorks - Combating the Workforce Shortage with CAM Automation

In this recorded webinar, learn what tools are available to help manufacturers both small and large, combat the skilled workforce shortage. Fully integrated CAD/CAM is an ideal solution to help fill the skills gap. For example, when using SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks, the CAD and CAM model become one in the same, and all of the CAD and CAM data is stored in a single file.

00:00 - Intro
01:28 - Skilled labor shortage
02:41 - Effects of the skilled labor shortage
04:10 - What is the solution?
06:10 - Integrated CAD/CAM for smart manufacturing
08:35 - World lead automation
10:05 - Tolerance based machining for smart manufacturing
10:53 - CAMWorks Virtual Machine
11:52 - Tools to combat the workforce shortage in action!
18:46 - Advanced technologies for optimization
20:15 - CAMWorks NEW ShopFloor
23:03 - Current workflow
23:20 - New IMPROVED Workflow
23:44 - Benefits of using the CAMWorks suite of products