Creaform VX Inspect Tutorial - Scan Only Blueprint Workflow

In this video, I show the use of the Creaform’s VX Inspect software module that can be added to VX Elements software, the main interface into their scanning and probing hardware.  The most robust use of any Inspection Software is to have a CAD or scan as the nominal reference, but there are cases where companies do not have CAD, only a blueprint drawing to reference.  I show how to import a scanned part and perform an alignment into a coordinate system.  From there entities can be created to both use in measurement or as reference to create other types of measuring.  The creation of entities and measurements ultimately create the inspection plan, which can be used again for duplicate parts.  Screenshots can also be taken to graphically describe measurements and shapes.  Finally, when the required measurement are completed the user can generate a Microsoft Excel report to document the inspection.