Geomagic Design X - Creating Reference Vectors

In this video I show how to create reference vectors, using 3D scan data, in Geomagic Design X using 5 different methods.  Reference vectors are integral in the software as they can provide the direction of a planar sketch as well as the axis of rotation for a revolved sketch. The video also shows best practices for design intent to establish the center point location of an arc, in addition, the direction of a vector when using the revolution wizard in the software.  I also point out 2 ways to create vectors using Region Groups.  Region groups can expedite the creation of reference geometry as the software will classify the topology of the scan and separate the shapes into different regions, allowing the user to see the different prismatic shapes of the scan, as well as regions that fall outside of prismatic shapes, such as “free-form” regions.  I show how to insert a region locally on selected mesh triangles, as well as globally on the mesh.