Grabcad Advanced FDM Tutorial - Adjust Wall Thickness of Holes

3D printing offers the flexibility to create shapes with infills that aren’t always solid.  This can be a great time and material saving feature but it doesn’t always produce the strongest parts.  
Often, we work with parts that take the brunt of their functional load in isolated regions, like thru-holes.  Rather than thicken the wall or shell of the whole part, and increase build times by a lot, we can now thicken walls in isolated regions by selecting bodies/faces.  
This allows us to print more durable/usable parts while still printing with the least amount of time and material. Holes in 3D prints can be tapped, drilled to precise dimensions, or used in a variety of other ways. In this video we talk about how we can adjust the wall thickness of these holes to accommodate later modification or add strength.