Linking SOLIDWORKS Electrical to SOLIDWORKS PDM Introduction

In this webinar John MacArthur (SOLIDWORKS PDM Specialist) and Cheri Guntzviller-Miesen (SOLIDWORKS Electrical Specialist) demonstrate the ins and outs of linking your SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic software to SOLIDWORKS PDM (SOLIDWORKS Data Management software).  This presentation goes through the options that are available out of the box with your SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic purchase.   We peek into the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Connector which allows you to share metadata between your PDM and your electrical projects.  Data cards can then be populated with these properties from either PDM or your electrical project.  A “Where used” option is also available to identify the parts in your electrical projects and identify which other projects contain those same parts.  Keep in mind that PDM gives you the advantage of version and revision control!