Shape your World 2017 - SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Learn about SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional. Starting with a bare sheet in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional, I’ll show you how to wire up some motors from the Disco Inferno Battlebot. I’ll use drives, motors and batteries to get the job done, but first we start with a line diagram, show the linking to the schematic, and then create a battery schematic. Once that’s done, we need to get the 3D wiring done, we’ll create some smart connection points and then associate them to the 2D components. Then wiring is easy, click a button, and if you want to know how to make sure your wires stay together, then we’ll show you that too using a 3D sketch called EW_PATH. This is very easy video  to follow along with and hopefully you’ll grab good tips and techniques.

Shape Your World presented by Steven Darcey of GoEngineer.