Small Business Growth Summit - Cultivating Growth Through Communication

Welcome to the Small Business Growth Summit today's focus is Cultivating Growth Through Communication. We are glad you are here. What is the Small Business Growth Summit? This is not a user group this is a focused event where provide SOLIDWORKS and Business tips and trick for Small Business Owners. What do you want your company to be? A business with 100 employees, a manufacturing company, a service provider?  Whatever it is, we want you to be successful. We want you to achieve your goals. We are investing in you. Who is GoEngineer and how can we help? We are a growing company of nearly 300 employees with more than 25 offices in 14 states? Small Business comprises 2/3 of our business. Small business is the backbone of American and yes the back might be a little sore lately but we are a long ways from breaking and I firmly believe we will lead this country back to heights never imagined. How will we do that…working together, helping one another, and most importantly communicating with each other. I am so thrilled to have my very good friend John Mathieson here today. John and I have been friends for almost 20 years now. John is a VP, Owner and Trainer with Dale Carnegie. Now I must tell you what we are talking about is things that have helped us and hopefully can help you. We want to pass on what has worked for us, there is NO guarantee that you follow these steps you will have 100% success. This is not a SOLIDWORKS session there are webinars and user groups for that, this is much, much more.