SOLIDWORKS 2020 - Alternate Position Views in Part Drawings

Learn about a new feature in SOLIDWORKS 2020 called Alt Position views for parts.  Historically in SOLIDWORKS we have been able to make Alternate Position Views of movable/moving assemblies for a lot of years.  However, the need was there to be able to do the same for a part to show different configurations, even though there is no movement possible within a part file.  The difference between an assembly Alternate Position View and a Part Alternate Position View in a drawing is that you can generate assembly Alternate Position View Configurations on the fly or use existing Configurations.  Parts must have existing Configurations.  

Presented by Guy DeLozier of GoEngineer who has 23 years experience as an Applications Engineer for SOLIDWORKS.  Specialty is basic SOLIDWORKS products training: SOLIDWORKS ESSENTIALS, SOLIDWORKS ADVANCED PARTS, ASSEMBLIES, SHEET METAL, WELDMENTS, SURFACES, and COMPOSER