SOLIDWORKS 2020 CAD Tutorial - 3D Interconnect

This video showcases some of the key new features in SOLIDWORKS 2020; specifically, this video goes over enhancements to SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals for opening and saving files and added features to 3DInterconnect. Now, you are no longer required to save referenced parts and subassemblies to the latest version when editing assemblies if those referenced files have not been modified, minimizing the time required for initial saves as well as mitigating the need for batch conversion processes to the latest version.  3DInterconnect now also supports dragging and dropping files from Windows Explorer directly into SOLIDWORKS. Additionally, 3D DXF, DWG, and IFC file formats are now supported by 3DInterconnect, allowing users to utilize non-native CAD files in their parts in assemblies without undergoing an import and conversion process.