SOLIDWORKS 2020 CAM Tutorial - Probe Tool and Operations

Improve communication.  Reduce errors and increase product quality.  In this Deep Dive look of SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020, these are just some of the benefits that we will see by utilizing the new functionalities of Probe Tools and Probe Operations as presented by Paul Nishihira of GoEngineer.
Probe Tools and Probe Operations simplifies the in-process inspection by allowing the User to easily create operations using the intuitive interface dialog which verifies single or multiple machined feature positions and locations while the part is still in the machining center.  This not only saves time and money but reduces errors due to unnecessary teardowns and setups of the part and/or its related machine fixturing.  Additionally, creation of a new Work Coordinate System Offset based upon the new location of that machined feature saves time and reduces errors when progressing to the next operation setup.