SOLIDWORKS 2020 Tutorial - Reverse Engineering Scanned Models

In this video, I show you some of the new mesh import capabilities SOLIDWORKS 2020 has added to the core version of SOLIDWORKS.  By reverse engineering from a scanned model, the side plate cover to a 1970’s model Honda SL/SX 70.  While doing so, I also compare the new functionality to the GeoMagic for SOLIDWORKS add-in. My overall goal was to quickly reverse engineer the scanned model while trying to stay as true to the original geometry as possible.  Please see my video titled: “Geomagic For SOLIDWORKS - Reverse Engineer Scanned Models,” to see the differences.  In this video, I use only SOLIDWORKS 2020’S standard version to work with the mesh while using old fashion manual techniques to “trace” and model the geometry in a “real-world” way.