SOLIDWORKS CAD, Edrawing & Visualize AMD WX9100 GPU Review

This video covers the performance of the Radeon Pro WX9100 Graphics Card from AMD and its integration into SOLIDWORKS software. We explore three different sizes/types of models (average, large and very large) up to 7500+ components, 9 assembly depths and 70 top level mates. Opening these files and monitoring the GPU performance offers some insight on the upgrades for both AMD and SOLIDWORKS. The AMD WX9100 Radeon Pro turns out to be one heck of a GPU! Not just because of the bang for the buck, but because it really matches SOLIDWORKS graphics demand stride for stride even on the extremely large assembly. Visualize 2020 rendering functionality and e-Drawings VR capability is also covered in this review. 

This video is brought to you by Adam Hughes and GoEngineer.