SOLIDWORKS Drawing Tips - Snap to Rectangle Center

Wouldn’t it be great if the SOLIDWORKS User could create a simple note or word and easily center it positionally by using 2D sketch geometries?  Yes!  Yes, you can!  In this short, SOLIDWORKS Drawing Tips video, Paul Nishihira of GoEngineer will explain how easy it is to position simple notes or words within SOLIDWORKS Drawings by leveraging existing 2D sketch lines using the command, Snap to Rectangle Center.

Within the SOLIDWORKS Drawing environment, Snap to Rectangle Center allows the User to strategically align their notes or words by simply selecting 2D sketch lines as location references.  This will automatically position those notes or words within the 2D sketch lines equally with just a few mouse clicks.  Think of this as center justifying text using SOLIDWORKS 2D sketch lines as its border.

This SOLIDWORKS Drawing functionality prevents needless repositioning of annotations and/or notes which reduces time spent on drawing details and more time for design!