SOLIDWORKS Electrical Tutorial - Change Management and Reports

Changes made to designs are inherent problems that we all face daily, and how we handle those changes can drastically impact delivery schedules. Inaccurate reports can be a detriment to a project budget. In this SOLIDWORKS Electrical (SWE) webinar by GoEngineer learn how you can ensure accuracy early on, leading to fewer modifications & potential reporting issues in your electrical projects.

This video examines change management and reporting techniques in both the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and 3D Electrical software. This video continues the discussion of collaboration between the SOLIDWORKS schematic and 3D modeling software.  We create changes in an automation equipment project and monitor the SQL dynamically updating other areas of the project like the reports and 3D assemblies.  These changes can also be seen even when working with a harness, pneumatic or hydraulic project.
This SOLIDWORKS Tutorial was created by Cheri Guntzviller-Miesen at GoEngineer.  A 30 year veteran of Electrical Engineering as a Controls Engineer, she is now a specialist with the SOLIDWORKS Electrical software. 
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