SOLIDWORKS - Irreplaceable Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you using keyboard shortcuts to their full potential? Or are you cutting your SOLIDWORKS knowledge short? Enjoy this recorded video of a Beyonce themed webinar to see why Alt, Ctrl, Shift, and Tab are irreplaceable when using SOLIDWORKS for Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings. We cover a large variety of keyboard shortcuts in this webinar, from basic shortcuts that you will use every day to more advanced topics like how to create your own keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts are everything you need and more and will hit you like a ray of sun, and by the end of the webinar hopefully you feel awakened. And, as an extra challenge, try to catch all of the Beyonce references that we included throughout this video! I know Beyonce and SOLIDWORKS may seem like a little bit of a crazy combination, but it is a risk that I am taking. And in the end, you may find that they go together as well as Ed Sheeran and Beyonce with their "Perfect" duet. So grab a glass of lemonade, get settled, and prepare to fall "crazy in love" with SOLIDWORKS.