SOLIDWORKS MBD Tutorial – Adding Notes To MBD 3D Views

This video shows you how to add general and detailed notes to Model Based Definition (MBD) 3D Views. Model Based Definition is becoming the new standard for creating manufacturing documentation within the 3D part file rather than having to make a traditional drawing with a related DRW file to manage. Understanding how to add notes with equal or even more clarity than you have when creating drawings will allow for better downstream manufacturing documentation with less chance of ambiguity. While watching this video you will learn how to create detailed notes that you flag and associate with the appropriate feature or dimension. In addition to creating more generalized notes, I will point out the pitfalls users usually make when learning how to add notes to MDB Views. This video focuses on Adding Notes To MBD 3D Views. For continued MBD training search for my other MBD training videos, Getting Started With SOLIDWORKS MBD, which illustrates how to get started with MBD and some tips and tricks or search Using Sketcher Dimensions In MBD Views, which illustrates how to use sketcher or parametric dimensions in MBD views. Please comment back any thoughts and I invite you to stay on the look-out for additional MBD videos I promise to produce! This SOLIDWORKS Tutorial is by Bruce Shawler at GoEngineer. At GoEngineer, we strive to help everyone increase their ability in CAD software and work towards increasing individual’s abilities in every aspect of 3D modeling.

Quick Tip presented by Bruce Shawler of GoEngineer.

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