SOLIDWORKS MBD Tutorial - Creating 3D PDF Templates

This video shows you the basics for creating a Model-Based-Definition (MBD) 3D PDF template using the 3D PDF Template editor found inside the SOLIDWORKS MBD add-on module. 3D PDF standard templates are selected when publishing or saving a SOLIDWORKS part with all the necessary Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) into a 3D PDF. 3D PDF’s are what contain all the needed 3D views and PMI data that can be opened and read using the standard free Adobe Reader. I cover how to create a standard template by modifying an existing out-of-the-box template and adding the proper text field properties while explaining the differencing each field has to offer. I show you my recommendations, tips, and tricks for creating a template everybody can use and for publishing MBD/PMI data successfully to a 3D PDF.