SOLIDWORKS MBD Tutorial - Creating Section Views in MBD

This video shows you the correct method for creating section views using the SOLIDWORKS Model-Based Definition (MBD) add-in.  I not only show you the correct steps you should take for creating a section view but also the pitfalls we all seem to make when creating some of our first MBD section views.  I also demonstrate the picks and clicks to fix such problem pitfalls so users can understand how to create and edit newly made annotated views without changing existing views in any way.  For continued MBD training search for my other MBD training videos, Getting Started With SOLIDWORKS MBD, which illustrates how to get started with MBD and some tips and tricks or search Using Sketcher Dimensions In MBD Views, which shows how to use sketcher or parametric dimensions in MBD views and Leveraging MBD Views In Traditional Drawings.   Please comment back on any thoughts, and I invite you to stay on the look-out for new MBD videos I promise to produce!