This video shows you how to get started with SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition, (MBD).  Model Based Definition (MBD) is becoming the new standard for creating manufacturing documentation within the 3D part file rather than having to make a traditional drawing.  This video covers the basic steps required to start using DimExpert now renamed to “MBD-Dimensions” in SOLIDWORKS 2019’s command manager.  I show the steps required for snapping 3D views and what add-on's are required.  In addition, I cover important settings you should know about that are not usually set “out-of-the-box” or by default.  I also give a few of my personal tips and tricks for view creation.  This video focuses on the basics using MBD dimensions.  For continued MBD training search for my other MBD training videos, Using Sketcher Dimensions In MBD, which illustrates how to use sketcher or Parametric dimensions in MBD views or search Leveraging MBD Views In Traditional Drawings, which illustrates the steps required to leverage your 3D MBD views to automatically create traditional ANSI standard orthogonal view drawings.  Please comment back any thoughts and I invite you to stay on the look-out for additional MBD videos I promise to produce!

Quick Tip presented by Bruce Shawler of GoEngineer.

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