SOLIDWORKS MBD Tutorial - Leveraging MBD Views In Traditional Drawings

This video shows you the steps needed to automatically leverage views made for model based definition (MBD) into SOLIDWORKS traditional drawings inside SOLIDWORKS 2018 and beyond! Model Based Definition (MBD) is becoming the new standard for creating manufacturing documentation within the 3D part file rather than having to make a traditional drawing. However not all vendors will adapt to using a 3D PDF or even a 3D Edrawing. Since SOLIDWORKS 2018 new functionality has been added that allows the time spent creating 3D model-based views to be leveraged when creating traditional ANSI standard 2D drawings. I cover the additional items you must have checked while using the same techniques used to create ANSI standard drawings that have been in SOLIDWORKS since its release. This video focuses on using MBD 3D views into a drawing only. For continued MBD training search for my other MBD training videos, Getting Started With SOLIDWORKS MBD, which illustrates how to get started with MBD and some tips and tricks or search Using Sketcher Dimensions In MBD Views, which illustrates how to use sketcher or parametric dimensions in MBD views

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